Saturday, October 13, 2007

Website Update Progress...

Well, it looks like we will be keeping ProStores as our store front. I have been working on the website for the past couple of days and because of phone calls and regular office work, I have not gotten as far along as I would like.

I've completed the following pages:
With each page on the site, I linked each item to its page in the store, created a nameplate (like the one in this post) and connected the pages to the new shared border footer. I am in the middle of working on PJ's Paper Doll page. After creating a table of contents on this page, I found out that we have 63 paper dolls so far! But that is not counting all of the paper dolls in the "Friends of the World" and "Twins of the World" sets. I'll count those tomorrow!

All of the links to the pages in the site are set up in three categories.
  1. Product by Design
  2. Product by Occasions
  3. Product by Article
Both the Design and Article links are listed in the footer. I will need to add the Occasion links next.

Thank you for making memories in PJ's Corner Gift Shoppe...

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