Saturday, October 06, 2007

New Header added to PJ's Diary...

This collage of art sparks and paper dolls, represents some of the designs created in PJ's Corner Gift Shoppe. The two little kids little kids in the middle are little paper dolls named Donnie and Gracie. The little bear with the red heart is Neddy the Little Teddy, is one of PJ's Little Animal Paper Doll.

The cloud 'n' birds, 707 Boeing airplane and merchant ship are just a few of the art sparks that make up our "Travel Memories 'n' Fun" design. The corner cabinet behind is an animated picture on our About PJ's page and the cactus is apart of our "Cactus in The Desert" design. The rest of the art sparks are scattered through PJ's Corner Gift Shoppe and PJ's Butterfly flits among the sunflowers on our logo.

Wishing you homespun memories,

Janey Loree

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