Wednesday, October 24, 2007

It wasn't that easy...

In the last post I was all excited that the new modem had arrived and thought that all I needed to do was unhook the cables, out with the old in with the new, and I would be in business again! Not so...

After opening the box, I found that the modem had been packed well, so unless something had been jarred loose, it would be okay. I was all set to follow the directions to install the new modem when I realized that I did not have the 28 digit registration number needed to complete registration. I called our satellite company, obtained the numbers and successfully installed the new modem.

That is were the fun began. The original problem was still there. I could not upload images or work on our website because the connection kept breaking. I called the satellite company again and after exhausting their resources, was sent up to 3rd Level support.

After working on several different scenarios to try to fix the problem, the technician decided that it was a problem with our satellite equipment outside. Of course our warranty was up and the cost to get an installer to come out and check the satellite dish and receiver/transmit unit would be on us.

I need to back up a little here and tell you what happened while I was on the phone. While talking with a Level 2 technician, I heard a horrible noise under the workshoppe trailer and then one of our dogs squealing across the property in pain. Our storeroom cat, Jewel, had scratched Dunny. In the process of getting away from her, Dunny had got tangled in the phone line and ripped it away from the box. This is at 2:30 in the morning.

I fortunately had a cell phone and lots of minutes built up to call tech support back. The same technician I had been disconnected from answered and we continued as if he had just put me on hold. He didn't ask what had happened and I didn't tell! He worked for a little longer finding that our modem wasn't passing a couple of tests, so that is when he transferred me to 3rd Level.

Time to get some rest and I would tackle this new problem with the phone line in the morning... the morning I found that my modem was working beautifully and it has all day. When the installer calls to set up the appointment I will have the joy of canceling that appointment. The phone company will have to come out and fix the phone line.

Thank you for making memories in PJ's Corner...

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