Tuesday, October 23, 2007

PJ's Diary joins BLOG VILLAGE...

PJ's Gift Shoppe Diary joins an extraordinary TopList. Not only is it family friendly, the members are friendly! BLOG VILLAGE currently boasts 441 blogs of all themes and topics. There are many attractions that keep members busy. They include the BLOG VILLAGE Community News, a chat room, the BLOG VILLAGE Fountain Forum, the current BLOG VILLAGE Quarterly Blog Carnival hosted by Advertising For Success, The BLOG VILLAGE Equine Webring hosted by Mustang 'n' Cowboys, interviews with members Gatekeeper over at Pieces of Me, Kilroy at The GONZO Papers, and Janey Loree (yours truly) over at Notes That Touch The Heart, and many member blog carnivals (listed in the sidebar).


PJ's Gift Shoppe Diary = 424/441
PJ's Paper Doll Cut Outs = 282/441
Twiglet the Little Christmas Tree = 86/441
Mustang 'n' Cowboys = 136/441
Notes That Touch The Heart = 174/441
The Fisher Family Singers = 118/441
Starlo's Paw Prints = 234/441

I worded the descriptions of all seven blogs in BLOG VILLAGE so that I will be able to gather stats easier. If I type "blogvoice" in the search box, all seven blogs are brought onto the screen!

Thank you for making memories in PJ's Corner...


Jackie said...

Great to see you at Blog Village. I have made many blog friends there.

Janey Loree said...

Hi Jackie! Thanks for the welcome. I was just telling a friend yesterday that the people in BLOG VILLAGE are friendly. You have proven my point!!