Thursday, January 03, 2008

Effective Blog Marketing For Home Businesses - Make Your Blog Work for You

Happy New Year! This is the year of the "Home Business". Well, it is the year for PJ's Corner Gift Shoppe!

PJ's subscribes to Randy Duermyer's's Home Business newsletter and a link to Blog Marketing in today's article drew my attention!

Effective Blog Marketing For Home Businesses - Make Your Blog Work for You from Sherri Lonon, a guest author for

While the article has a lot of very valuable information, the sidebar links need investigating as well! The first statement to catch my eye in the article is "In terms of cost, blog marketing is probably the second least expensive form of marketing after word-of-mouth promotion, and the truth is, other than your time, blog marketing can be done for free."

In essence, when you think about it, blog marketing is word-of mouth promotion on the web. And I have been looking for a way to market PJ's Corner Gift Shoppe in a more effective way. In an effort to search and peruse this article without loosing it's link, I utilized "Send to Blogger" from my Google Tool Bar. Automatically, a link was created in a new post and I have a way to keep tabs on this informative article.

We look forward to a successful year, not just for PJ's Corner Gift Shoppe, but for your home business as well.

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HomeBusinessGuide said...

Hi Jaynee:
Thanks for your kind comments on the article and the link. You should be aware, though, that Ms. Lonon spells her name as Sherri and not Sherry.

I hope you and your readers will have a great 2008 and I invite you and your readers who are currently operating a home business to submit your home business profile to me. Instructions for doing so are available at:

A little extra free publicity doesn't hurt!

Have a great year,

Randy Duermyer
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Janey Loree said...

Randy, thank you for commenting on PJ's Diary! I have corrected the spelling of Ms Lonon's name and will be following the link to submit PJ's Home Business profile.

Thank you for the opportunity and may you and yours have a wonderfully, peaceful 2008.