Thursday, November 01, 2007

PJ's joins "Blogging Chicks...

PJ's Gift Shoppe has joined Blogging Chicks, a blogroll for women, whose mission is to take over the internet one blog at a time. In this blogging chicks' case that was six blogs at one time!
  1. PJ's Gift Shoppe Diary
  2. PJ's Paper Doll Cut Outs
  3. Twiglet the Little Christmas Tree
  4. Notes That Touch The Heart
  5. The Fisher Family Singers
  6. Starlo's Paw Prints

Mustang 'n' Cowboys was not added to the list for obvious reasons...and because Travis and Tony will be helping with the posts once they get their computer.


The Gatekeeper said...

hehehehe, that's funny--six blogs at one time. I might join the Chicks myself.

Janey Loree said...

You should!!!