Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Daily Diary...the 8th of August...

I created favicons for all blogs and websites. A BLOG VILLAGE member Tips for New Bloggers is a wealth of information! After downloading "Imagicon", a small program that converts BMP, JPG and PNG files into BMP, JPG, PNG and ICO files, from
I followed the step by step instructions on BizWhiz's "Adding Favicon Icon to Blogger URL" post.

What is a favicon? It is the tiny icon next to the address in the address bar or next to the tab title of the pages you are currently surfing.

Notes That Touch The Heart - Completed
PJ's Corner Gift Shoppe Blog - Completed
PJ's Paper Doll Cut Outs
Mustang 'n' Cowboys
Twiglet the Little Christmas Tree
The Fisher Family Singers
Starlo's Paw Prints
PJ's Corner Gift Shoppe Website
Starlo's Cockapoos Website

Thank you for making memories in PJ's Corner...

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